DON ALDER,  often  referred  to  as  the “Hendrix”  of  acoustic  guitar, is a multi-award-winning  performer  from Canada.  Hot  off  his  recent  European  tour

Alder  continues  to  impress  audiences around   the   world   with   his jaw- dropping one man band act. His singing is  soulful  and  heartfelt  and  his  story-

telling  and  guitar  playing  is  highly



Alder’s  music  also  speaks  for  itself;  his 2009 CD Not A Planet— nominated for  two  prestigious  music  industry awards— is   a   unique combination  of  deeply-textured  melody and  story.  Lyrical  and  compelling,  his original songs are notes of exploration – some  passionate  and  haunting,  some hard-driven,  others  light and teasing.  In quiet pieces or pushing right to the edge, Don's  phenomenal  fingerstyle  playing and  rich  voice  captivate.  Don  is  also recognized as one of the of the world's top harp guitarists. 

“Don stepped onto the Guitar Superstar stage as a solo-acoustic performer, playing with ferocity and charisma, and totally owned the audience…  You have to deliver something so thrilling  that people can’t help but stand up and cheer. Don nailed it.”

~ Michael Molenda, Editor in Chief, GUITAR PLAYER magazine

DANIEL CHAMPAGNE is now regarded as a leading light in acoustic music, with a firm reputation for making festivals buzz, holding crowds in his palm, dropping jaws and breaking guitars wherever he goes. Champagne often sounds closer to a three-piece band than the 21 year old singer songwriter guitarist now established as a renowned performer on both the Australian and international stage.

A reputation on his instrument of choice firmly established, recent descriptions of the live show state ‘Proof that the acoustic guitars only limit is our imagination’ (Lloyd Spiegel) and ‘The best young guitarist in Australia’ (IFC President). Daniel’s playing runs from the instrument's soul to way outside of its box. His signature explosion of 2-hand tapping, body percussion and fiery runs in a swag of different tunings can be expected.

The same versatility can be said for his writing and material. Pulling off setts from intense blues-driven crowd pleasers, experimental compositions, bags of originals to century old Folk and Blues Songs delivered with an exiting youthful flair. As for the voice… “He sings with a wonderfully pronounced and proud Aussie twang, howling here, hushed there, always confident, fearless and knowing”

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