The Matchcoats

THE HILLARY REYNOLDS BAND invites listeners into a transcendent folk experience. The quintet charms with campfire congeniality, classic songs, and an astounding soulful and technical grasp of Americana. After four years, the band has risen from coffeehouse darlings to sharing stages with Norah Jones and performing at festivals in front of thousands. In advance of the band’s upcoming album, HRB released a standalone single, “Crossing The Line,” to whet its fans’ appetites. The single and upcoming album mark a new era of widespread exposure for these roots-pop torchbearers.

As a whole, the band fuses a wide spectrum of genres like rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk, country, and pop. Songwriting in HRB is a lively creative dialogue between Hillary and the guys with all hands sharing in the creative process to craft distinct pastorally beautiful songs. “I get inspired by nature, especially the woods, and friendships, relationships, other people’s stories, as well as experiences on the road,” Hillary says. Hillary previously released a solo EP and continues to donate all proceeds to “The Trina Fund” (named after her late mother)--- its purpose is to help women diagnosed with breast cancer receive the best possible care in treatment for their illness.


Saturated in brilliantly simple lyrical truisms, and painted with delicate strokes of bluesy folk-driven melody and harmony, the musical relationship between husband and wife Gabriel and Sarah Akins overflows into the life of anyone who treats themselves to the duo’s experiences in song. “All of these stories that are being told are our stories,” says Gabriel Akins, whose alternating-base style acoustic blues playing inspired by artists such as Mississippi John Hurt anchors the melodic space of the songs. “We have our life with people and we have conversations. Being fair to our story helps us be fair to other people. "

Other musicians that have entered the Matchcoats’ lives through musical interactions include Wilder Adkins, The Clay States, Justin Cross, and Matt Waldrep, who introduced Gabriel and Sarah into the Greyhaven Community, a Birmingham music collective whose strong emphasis on collaboration led to many of the early shows for the duo. The Matchcoats join a rich songwriting scene in the Birmingham area and their increasing audience of devoted fans will see to it that they stay around for years to come.


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